Punjab Govt. confers the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award upon those distinguished sportspersons of the State who have represented the Country/State in the International. National championships like Olympics/Commonwealth Games/Asian Games, World Cup (Championship), World Junior Cup, World Universities, SAF Games, National Games/Senior National Sports Championships, All India Inter University Competitions and One day/ Test matches in Cricket. The sportsmen/women must have represented the State of Punjab while participating in National/International tournaments. The minimum participation of teams in the National Sports Championships and National Games would be 15 and 7 respectively. Only those games are considered for the award which are recognized by the Punjab State Sports Council.

Sports merit of five years is taken into to finalize the merit. The award carries a beautiful trophy depicting Maharaja Ranjit Singh on horse back in warrior dress. The award carries a cash incentive of Rs. 1.00 Lac. The Performa can be obtained from the concerned District Sports Officer. The applications are processed at the District headquarter by the District Sports Officer and forwarded to the Director Sports, Punjab for consideration. The Criteria to finalize the merit is as below and minimum 40 points are required to be eligible for the award:-

Sr. No.
Name of the Tournament
1. Olympic Games 100 90 80 20
2. World Cup/ Championship 80 70 60 15
3. Asian Games 60 50 40 10
4. Commonwealth Games 60 50 40 10
5. Asian/Commonwealth/Championship/Cups 40 30 20 5
6. World Junior Championship 40 30 20 5
7. World Universities 40 30 20 5
8. SAF Games 20 10 10 -
9. National Games/Senior Championship/ A.I.U. 10 8 6 -
10. Cricket Match Punjab player participation in Test/One day International matches (Senior) will get 10 points each year.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the greatest son of Punjab, continues to represent qualities that also go onto the making of a sportsperson and a champion. Ahead of this time in many respects he had the rare distinction of being the only ruler in that by gone era who did not act arbitrarily and did not execute a single citizen of the state in peace time. Such a man indeed possessed the qualities that called for not only exceptional leadership in those turbulent times but also had the heart which could accommodate often conflicting ideas and interests. When we look at the times he lived in we can’t fail to notice that during his reign there was not even a single instance of communal rioting, inequality among the citizens and disrespect to any shrine or place of worship. In short as a ruler, he represented the highest virtues cherished by the noblest of people.

History records the multifaceted personality of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and love for sports of his times was fairly predominant. However, unlike his contemporaries, this love was neither unbridled nor without respect for certain laws of nature. Thus, when he once caught a tiger cub during hunting he could not bear the desperate cry of the mother tigress at night and commanded the cub to be freed in the nearby forest. He was a horse rider par excellence and his prowess can be judged by the number of times his personal courage and ability to ride in hostile terrains and indifferent circumstances led to victory of forces that he led. And, yet, he remained a romantic at heart, a ruler who had the imagination of ordering 102 gun salutes to the rising of the moon when the monsoon arrives! Truly he personified the virtues that any son or daughter of Punjab years for.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh award therefore ,are not only a tribute to the great son of this land of the five rivers but also recognition that the recipients possess in maple measure some of the virtues that went into the making of maharaja Ranjit Singh. These awards are now being bestowed on sportspersons for the year between 1997 and 2004.state recognition of excellence in sports has been recognized as an important aspect of its duty towards the youth, for, it helps in crating an atmosphere that is conductive to channel sing the energy of youth towards creative and constructive efforts.

 The practice of extending patronage by the resourceful to promising sportspersons In Punjab is age old and significantly the house of Patiala has remained the leader in this respect. Not only did this house play a pivotal role in spreading, encouraging and organizing cricket in India but also spotting talent in disciplines of all sorts. under their patronage not only eminent wrestlers like Gama earned world renown and became undisputed champion but music, art and culture too carved its own brand and niche .the ‘flying sikh’ Milkha Singh would have remained one of the many promising athletes in the country but for discerning eye and whole hearted support for him from a scion of Patiala five decades ago.

Now, chief minister Capt. Amarinder Singh has not only continued that tradition but has also infused greater vigor in making Punjab the lead state in the country’s march towards sporting glory. Himself a keen sportsman, he has made his desire to be made Punjab lead the charge towards an Olympic gold in the near future, clear in his policies, and the determination with which they are being implemented and pursued give sample hope to the sports lovers. His love for polo and horse riding is also well known .it recently resulted in bringing back the noble sport of polo to oats home in north India.

Even more significantly, chief minister Capt. Amarinder Singh has not only revived the practice of honoring the sportspersons with maharaja Ranjit Singh award but has also infused new life in sporting activity with his personal interest in its promotion at all levels. The award is given to those sportspersons of the Punjab who have represented the nation in Olympics, world cup; one day internationals/test matches in cricket and those who attain medal winning positions in Asian and/or commonwealth games.

Originally this award carried a paltry sum of rs.21,000 only ,a scroll of honor, a certificate ,a memento bearing the image of maharaja Ranjit Singh astride a horse in his warrior dress ,a blazer and a color. however, on chief minister Capt. Amarinder Singh’s suggestion and advice the cash award has now been enhanced to Rs. one lakh. it is a well deserved recognition of the blood and sweat that has gone into the achievements of a sportsperson though it is recognized that their contribution to society can’t really be measured in terms of money.

The state of Punjab is doing its duty towards the youth of the state. it is now for the youth of the state .it is now for the youth to respond with performance in the competitive arena that brings honor to Punjab and glory to the country. As far as the sports department and the government of Punjab are concerned, no effort will be spared in extending support to the state to achieve excellence in their chosen fields. More honors shall be bestowed upon those, who earn laurels at the international level and make India take its proud place among the comity of nations.

List of Award Winners

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